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To be a successful company, manufacturing and trading the highest quality palm oil products while strengthening our relations with all our stakeholders


3Bumi Oleo Sdn Bhd is a progress company committed to a policy of quality culture focusing on customer satisfaction


Accountability, Sustainability, Leadership, Quality, Diversity

About Us

Formerly known as Myreve Sdn Bhd, we are  a subsidiary  company of  Melewar Industrial Group Berhad  via 3Bumi Sdn Bhd, an investment holding company. 

In the  3rd quarter of 2020 ,our company acquired  Rempca Enterprise, a successful palm oil packaging company that produced and sold their own cooking oil products  under the brand name  KAMARIAH™ for more than 10 years.

We seek to expand the visibility of our products into a new market. Benefitted by more then 15 years of experience from our team members,  our company strive to deliver great business value in the future.


What we do

We are a packaging company of processed palm oil products . Our products are packed in a variety of formats  to cater for the different needs of various industries ranging from industrial to retail. 


Our packaging range currently consist of  various bottle sizes, jerrycans and flexibags.

We also engage in the trading of palm oil based products such as crude palm oil , palm stearin and oleo chemical. We source the best products from Malaysia for our international customers.

Our Facilities

Our Product

We source the finest processed palm oil products from sustainable palm oil producers and refineries in Malaysia. To establish the product safety, we always ensure to get products that are certified with HACCP and HALAL by JAKIM (Malaysia) certification.

We also insist in acquiring our products only from Palm Oil producers and refineries that have MSPO certification and comply with all the sustainable palm oil regulatory criteria.

We pride ourselves in being a dynamic home-grown enterprise in Malaysia to supply :

  • RBD Palm Olein
  • Shortening
  • Margarine


We supply RBD Palm Olein, Malaysia’s best seller cooking oil, in several grades to fit  our customer needs. Our in-house brand, KAMARIAH™,  comes in several packaging. To supply both domestic and international markets, we pack our products in  1 liter bottle,2kg and 5Kg  bottle as well as 18 liter and 20 liter jerrycans


Specification :



RBD Palm Olein CP8

FFA (as palmitic) 0.1% max

M&I 0.1% max

IV (Wijs) 57 min

SMPT (AOCS Cc 3-25) 24 max

Color (5¼ Lovibond cell) 3 Red max

Cloud Point 8 deg. C Max

RBD Palm Olein CP10

FFA (as palmitic) 0.1% Max

M&I 0.1% max

IV (Wijs) 56 min

SMPT (AOCS Cc 3-25) 24 max

Color (5¼ Lovibond cell) 3 Red max

Cloud Point 10 deg. C Max